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This agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable when using this site classifieds. * Membership and acceptance regulations This Agreement may be amended on the occasion. Our services are available only to persons having the legal authority to enter into transactions. Among others, our services are not available to minors or users whose registration has been suspended due to misuse of the site or against the rules. If you do not qualify, please refrain from using our site. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password you chose during registration and it is forbidden to disclose it to any third party soit.Vous have full responsibility for the activities performed on your account and under your password of passe.Vous you agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account and your password. To join or place an ad on the site, a 2-step approach has been planned. You must first fill out a form and validate it. Then the system will ask you to confirm the registered information, the choices you have made and the costs related thereto. In this confirmation, the system activates automatically and your account that the ads you have placed. * Role courtierht is a meeting point for products and potential buyers sellers. It is up to the seller and the buyer to complete the transaction together if necessary. Although we strive to make best efforts to ensure security on our site and to maintain integrity, we can not guarantee and we make no representation as to the quality and legality of the items advertised, as the validity or accuracy of descriptions, or as to the ability of sellers to sell items or the ability of buyers to buy. courtierht is not involved in transactions between buyers and sellers and does not offer protection program or methods of payment between members (eg courtierht will never ask you to make a bank transfer to an agent to conclude a transaction with another member). If you receive a shipment email the logo promoting such services, do not reply to this message and report the problem encountered here. These messages are undoubtedly the work of scammers trying to get your money or personal information by mimicking the appearance of an email may come from courtierht. * Prohibited It is prohibited to sell this site for stolen goods or counterfeit or items that violate copyrights, patents, trade secret or other proprietary or privacy right held by third parties. It is also forbidden to sell illegal items, indecent or items whose possession is controlled as prescription medication. Will also be removed from the site images representing one of the above mentioned articles, images which offer content deemed immoral, obscene or which may be offensive to users of the site. Since courtierht website does not have a specific category for receiving advertisements about goods and services related to Adult Entertainment, we prefer to refuse your ads meet this criterion and suggest the use of specialized sites for this purpose such products and services. It is also forbidden to promote a site whose activities may compete with ours such as a classified ad site competitors, a site with a section of classified or auction site. reserves the right to proceed at random or following a complaint, a review of items offered and images shown to identify the offers that do not comply with the law or the regulations. * Types of unauthorized advertisements courtierht is a classified environment that enables individuals and traders to advertise products or services (when there is no product to sell) in a safe, pleasant, right and fair. Our regulations establish guidelines aimed at creating and maintaining a research experiment and pleasant and credible purchase. If you are on courtierht advertiser, you should regularly check the rules on the use of this site since they are updated according to the market requirements, community and security. The non-compliance with our regulations can result in: o deleting an ad (without credit) o ​​the suspension of an account or a package (without credit) o ​​suspension of membership vendors can not advertise their products or their trade in order to circumvent courtierht guidelines, which would have the effect of undermining the credibility of the site. In particular, it is not allowed: o offer buyers a selection of objects so that the title and the price of the advertisement is for an object. If the object of the sale is a lot, the title and the price of the lot must clarify. o Announce a single object, but suggest other objects in the description of the ad. You must then make separate announcements for each object. o publishing simultaneously more than 10 ads of identical objects. If a seller decides to announce in over 10 categories, it must still comply with the limit of 10 multiple ads. o Create an ad that neither offers a product or a particular service. o Create an ad that simply promote a website. o Create an ad that simply publicize the point of sale and opening hours of a trade without announcing a product especially offer to sell. o Use of abusive content in an ad. courtierht allows sellers to place links or other types of communications following contact information in the description of their purpose: • a link to a page describing the item sold in the advertisement; o link to your email address that allows potential buyers to ask questions about the item being sold in this ad by email; o links to additional pictures of the object offered for sale; o links to your other courtierht ads; o Link to terms and additional conditions (provided the most important information is included in the ad itself and that this page does not offer links outside courtierht). A link to a page containing additional information on the sale object is allowed in the following cases: a link to a Web page containing additional information (photos, specifications or terms and conditions) on the object set courtierht on sale by the same vendor. However, you are not allowed to include a link to an online auction site or selling a fixed price multi sellers. Prohibited links include, but are not limited to links to Web pages that offer to exchange, sell or buy any goods or services outside courtierht. * Relocation of courtierht ads reserves the right to relocate some ads in categories considered more relevant for the item or service advertised. Note: Real headings - purchase / sale and rental properties are reserved for the display for sale and for rent only while the sections to Private Employment particular are reserved for the display of requests from individuals only. Professionals wishing to view the brokerage or mortgage financing services have a new section (real estate brokerage) and section Financing / investment / insurance which are designated for such services. (The ads placed in non-appropriate items are subject to be moved or deleted without notice). * The logos are not permitted on the site as the image to represent your ad. If you want to advertise with your logo, you can contact the advertising department at for terms and conditions. * Provisions applicable to a merchant seller The sale of an article on this website can be made by individuals or traders. However, we remind traders that they must comply with the applicable sales rules in the Consumer Protection Act, particularly in terms of guarantees, on prohibited trade practices and on the need to show his quality of trader. * Information disclosed on the site You are responsible for the content of the information you disclose in connection with the use of this website, which information should in no way be false, inaccurate or misleading, unethical or illegal. You are also responsible to update the personal information that we hold about you and you have disclosed to us when you register as a member. You agree that the information you provide electronically voices are not confidential or proprietary and do not infringe the rights of any person or entity. As mentioned previously, although we are working to make best efforts to ensure the integrity of our site, we have no absolute control over the content of the information that is provided by other members and users is made available on this site. Therefore, when you use the site, it is possible that you may be exposed to content that you consider offensive, harmful or wrong. Please note that there are also risks of transactions with foreign nationals, minors or persons transacting under false identities. As part of your use of this site, you agree not to transmit content that: o is illegal, offensive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar or undermines the privacy of a third party; o violates the copyright (copyright), trade marks, patents or other proprietary rights held by third parties; o contains viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to intercept the information, to damage, interrupt or otherwise limit the functionality of the site or any computer equipment required to operate the site; o constitutes the unauthorized promotional information such as "junk mail," "spam" and chain letters; o contains a misuse of keywords in the title or descriptition the announcement. It is forbidden to include trademarks or other "keywords" that are not relevant to the article that you advertise. Members who misuse of keywords may see their ads and removed their member dossier suspended without notice. * Keywords In the context of using this site, you agree to: Make appropriate use of keywords in the title or description of your ad. It is forbidden to include in the title or description, product brands or keywords that do not have a direct link to the item that you advertise. Through this practice, handling the user search results in order to draw their attention to other items or lists of items. Users searching for a specific item then find themselves with inappropriate results. For example: o Honda Civic cx 98 hb, black, 110 000km, A1 mechanic. The vehicle runs great very clean. The maintenance was done regularly (oil change every month). Contact by email preferably. Keywords: acura, celica, mazda, toyota, integra, hyundai, crx, subary. o 1.6 Honda Civic SI for sale $ 1,500 trade for Volks, Toyota, BMW, etc .. o Honda Civic 1.6 If 1993 sale $ 1,800 Equivalent of a Toyota, Nissan, Volks, etc ... Members making this type Use keywords and manipulation of search results will see their ads and removed their member dossier suspended without notice. * Good Conduct As part of your use of this site, you also agree not to: o Use different identities; o take actions that could undermine the integrity of the system; o compile personal information of other users (including email addresses) for the purpose of transmitting unauthorized promotional information; o export information collected on the site; o use the site in a way that can directly or indirectly violate any law or regulation or which may result in an investigation or prosecution against us. o massively publish the same ad in several different categories, unrelated to the item or service advertised. You must choose the most appropriate category for your item or service. o In order to make more pleasant the consultation of ads by the visitors, it is forbidden to post more than one ad for a specific service or a fine for each item. If you offer several different goods or services, you can publish as many ads as you have goods or services to offer. Contravention * We reserve the right to issue warnings, suspend temporarily or indefinitely, to terminate the registration of a member or to exercise any other rights and impose any other sanction we deem appropriate: o for violations of this Regulation user or document incorporated therein by reference; o if we are unable to verify or authenticate the information you have provided to us or if we believe that the actions you could cause your legal responsibility, ours or that of our users or if our think your behavior undermines the integrity of our site. * No Warranty courtierht.COM OFFER ITS SERVICES "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OR CONDITION, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. THE USER AGREES THAT MAKES NO courtierht.COM AS SEARCH THE SOLVENCY OF THESE MEMBERS (BUYERS OR SELLERS) LEGAL SITUATION OR THEIR ABILITY TO RESPOND TO THEIR COMMITMENTS. SO WE WILL NOT SPECIFICALLY FOR ANY LIABILITY OF TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY AND THE SUITABILITY OF AN ARTICLE FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND FOR THE ABSENCE OF INFRINGEMENT OF THIRD-PARTY RIGHTS. FURTHERMORE, THE USER AGREES THAT NO WARRANTY courtierht.COM ACCESS CONTINUOUS UNINTERRUPTED AND SECURE ITS SERVICES AND MAY THAT MANY FACTORS BEYOND HIS WILL AFFECT THE OPERATION OF THIS SITE. * Disclaimer IN NO courtierht.COM TIME, ITS AFFILIATES, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES AND REPRESENTATIVES BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS OR DAMAGES, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, ARISING FROM THE USE OF THIS SITE, THE SERVICES PROVIDED ON THIS SITE, THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS SITE OR THE INTERPRETATION OF THIS REGULATION. * Indemnity YOU AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD GUARANTEE courtierht.COM, ITS AFFILIATES, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, REPRESENTATIVES AND AGAINST ALL CLAIMS, OF CLAIMS AND DAMAGES (ACTUAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL) OF ANY KIND, EITHER KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF TRANSACTIONS ENTERED BETWEEN BUYERS AND SELLERS ON THIS SITE OR ANY USE OF THIS SITE. * Trademarks The trademarks, logos and other intellectual properties displayed on our site (collectively "Marks") are trademarks, registered or not, or third party of their respective owners and can not be used without the written permission of or their respective owners. courtierht, courtierht and logo are trademarks owned courtierht GP * Arbitration Any dispute concerning this agreement which can not be settled by negotiations between the parties or their representatives shall be submitted to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Haiti. * Access your data anytime you access to your member personal data via your personal page. You also have access to your active ads via your My Ads section. Please note however that we do not store the advertisements in archives. We therefore strongly recommend that you keep your records in copies of the ads you place on the site. Note that when an ad is filled, deleted, or come to maturity, it does not automatically replaced by a new possibility of listing. You can reactivate this announcement thereafter. Also you can edit the various fields of your ad several times, with the exception of the title and description for which only one change is permitted. If you want to change the title and / or description, you must change both at the same time. Subsequently, additional AMENDMENT NO may be made on the title or description. Note that the customer service may change or resume an ad.